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(Schneider AC Coupled)
Price Shipping Weight
$9810.00 60" L x 32" W x 21" D 295 Lbs
  • Environmental Rating - Type 1 (Indoor)
  • Schneider Conext XW PRO 6848 120/240 vac Inverter
  • AC Coupled
  • AC Bypass assembly built in
  • MNE250XWP-SINGLE E-Panel
  • Good for up to 5,400 Watts of Grid tie inverter
  • 3 MNSPD300 (Surge Protection Devices)
  • 250 amp Battery Main Breaker
  • General labor for assembly, test and crating
  • 1 Schneider Battery Temperature sensor (BTS)
  • All MidNite components have a 5 year warranty. Schneider Inverters and components are covered by Schneider's manufacturers warranty.
  • Listed by ETL for US & Canada
  • MidNite E-Panel and SPDs made in the USA
  • Schneider Conext XW PRO 6848 120/240 vac Inverter made in China
Truck Freight Only

Our pre wired e-panels can be ordered with any of the common battery based inverters (except Outback). Please contact us for a quote if the Inverter model you need is not listed.

NOTE: MidNite does not warranty Schneider components.

California Residents: Warning

We DO NOT accept returns on Pre-Wired systems, battery cables or custom built equipment.

Description: Schneider Conext XW PRO 6848 120/240 vac Inverter.
AC Bypass assembly built in
6800 watt 48 volt inverter.

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