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$219.00 50.42"L x 22.88"W x 1.5"D 26 Lbs
Warranty - 5 yrs.

California Residents: Warning

Description: SMA and XW short back plate for inverter and E-Panel.

NOTE: A back plate (MNESMA-Short BP) is recommended for all systems using SMA inverters and NO Auto Transformer so the SMA E-Panels will have proper wiring alignment to the Sunny Island.

Recommended Accessories

MNE250SMA-3PH MASTER - $1365.00
The MNE250SMA-3PH Master E-Panel works with 2 of the MNE250SMA-Slave E-Panels to create a 3 phase system.

MNE250SMA-QUAD MSTR - $1340.00
The MNE250SMA-Quad Mstr This E-Panel works with 3 of the MNE250SMA-Slave E-Panels to create a Quad stack of Sunny Islands.

MNE250SMA-OG/AC DM - $1250.00
The MNE250SMA-OG/AC DM The Dual Master E-Panel works with 1 of the MNE250SMA-Slave E-Panel’s to create a 120/240 VAC AC coupled or Off Grid system.

MNE250SMA-OG SINGLE - $1100.00
The MNE250SMA-OG-SINGLE The Off Grid Single is designed for a single Sunny Island off grid system.

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