Installation Photos - Wind

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Once we finally got delivery of the turbine from the +5 month long boat trip from South Africa, I think they actually paddled it across. Nevertheless, it was well worth the wait. Then we were dealing with half-load issues on the roads because of the spring thaw. We assembled the turbine with the help of my two-year old daughter. The long-awaited Midnite Solar DC-Clipper and Classic arrived, and the crane showed up the next day. We made the 9 minute lift and, lickity split, by the next day we were up and running. Obviously we had the foundation and underground wiring already completed. The system has been running flawlessly and pumping out power for well over month now.

Thanks to Tracy from Kestrel for one mean and all business turbine; the crew at Midnite Solar, (boB, Robin, Ryan, Doug, Walter, Joanne, as well as others behind the scenes at Midnite, and let`s not forget MidNite the Cat, prrr). Midnite Solar really came through on the classic/clipper, very nice work, no magic white smoke. Now if they could only figure out how to get the wind to blow on demand!

Michele(Michael) Gallo
Gallo-Teck Inc.
Ontario, Canada