How to use the Classic String Sizing Tool

° °
PV Module Data (STC)
(Found on back of module or spec sheet)
Power (Watts)
VOC (Open Circuit Voltage)
VMP (Maximum Power Point Voltage)
ISC (Short Circuit Amperage)
IMP (Maximum Power Point Amperage)
VOC Temperature Coefficient C°
(Default is -0.33%)
VMP Temperature Coefficient C°
(Default is -0.45%)
Environmental Data
Coldest Ambient Temp °
Hottest Ambient Temp °
Nominal Battery Voltage (Volts)
PV Array
Number Of Modules In Series
Number Of Parallel Strings
Total Modules
Results will go here!
To ensure proper start up and MPPT operation, the minimum initial PV input voltage should be at least 30% higher than the highest expected battery voltage.