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Price Weight
$83.00 3lb Lbs
Cable for use with the Birdhouse when NO MidNite combiner is used. If the system uses a Birdhouse and our Remote trip breakers but has no MidNite Rapid Shut down combiners one of these cables will be required.

* Warranty - 5 yrs.
* Made in the USA

California Residents: Warning

Description: Faux cable to work in place of a combiner box for systems using a BirdHouse and Remote Trip breakers and NO Midnite Rapid shut down combiner.

Recommended Accessories

Birdhouse - Emergency Disconnect Switch. Meets 2014 NEC Rapid system shut down requirements.

Birdhouse - Emergency Disconnect Switch. Meets 2014 NEC Rapid system shut down requirements.

MNBDM - $109.00

MNDC-GFP100RT-2P - $153.00
100 amp 150VDC panel mount Dual DC ground fault protector (NRTL listed breaker assy)

MNEDC125RT - $65.00
125amp 125VDC Panel Mount Breaker, 1 inch wide AIC 10,000 at 125VDC

MNEDCRT 175A to 250A - $160.00
175 or 250 amp breaker, 125VDC 3/8" studs 1.5" AIC 50,000 at 125VDC

MNEPV-600RT 16A thru 20A - $140.00
16 or 20 Amp 600 VDC Din Rail mount breaker.

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