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E-Panel - Schneider Conext SW
Product: MNSW-SLIDER-50
Price: $ 238.00

The AC Bypass kit for dual SW E-Panels consists of the 3 2pole AC breakers, one 50 amp for the bypass and 2 50 amp for the AC in and AC Out as well as the Slider and hardware. Only one Kit is required for a Dual SW system. 2 of the MNExxxSW E-Panels will also be required. This kit allows you to install an AC bypass to ByPass the inverter should it ever need servicing.
* Warranty - 5 yrs.

California Residents: Warning

AC Bypass for Dual SW E-Panels. 50 amp input and output breakers and a 50 amp bypass breaker. Also includes the Slider plate and hardware. Customer supplies AC wiring.

1/1/22 PRICE 238.00